{The List}: Trivia Night

Number 93 on my list is to go to a bar trivia night. I know what you are thinking. Really? You’ve never been to a bar trivia night? Nope. I guess none of my friends think I am smart enough to invite me…

Except for Holly! And of course she invited me to go with her really smart teacher friends and guess what the theme was? NATURAL HISTORY. WHAT?! But I wanted to cross another item off my list so I tagged along to the College Inn Pub in the U District.

We got there early enough to find a table with no lighting. Hence the awful picture of our answer sheet.

The first half was tough but we made up for it in round two. Although natural history is not my strong suit I really liked hanging out with friends, having a beer, and trying to come up with silly answers for what we didn’t know!

Photo courtesy of Barb

I can’t wait to go again if anyone wants to invite me!! I’m really good with pop culture, celebrities, TV, and some music stuff. And random news. Any takers?


2 thoughts on “{The List}: Trivia Night

  1. Yay! I love trivia nights at my beer pub. The early trivia is just general trivia but then the later trivia is “sexy” trivia which mostly ends up being about genitalia and porn stars. My husband managed to come in 2nd BY HIMSELF one night at the “sexy” trivia and won $30 off his bar tab. Says a lot about my husband…

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