A First Class Ticket to Retirement

My dad officially retired this year! Congrats! My brother and Jan had a great idea to throw him a retirement party and the party planner in me was unleashed! It didn’t take me long to come up with a perfect theme. My dad was in the Air Force and worked for the airlines for a bit and has always enjoyed anything to do with flight and planes. So we created a First Class retirement party for the Captain!

We had a great backyard BBQ with friends and family and had enough BBQ chicken to feed the block! All the airplane/travel themed party ideas will be shared in various craft project posts and you can look forward to DIY boarding pass invitation in air mail envelopes, fringe streamers, luggage tag silverware and MORE! I also created an inspiration idea board here at pinterest!

I didn’t make the cloud balloons but the fit the party perfect and I found them online and had Safeway fill them up with helium for me when I made a pit stop to pick up airplane snacks.

MMM…pretzels and peanuts! Adam and Jan the master chef’s they are made amazing roasted corn on the cob and TWO types of BBQ chicken!

We also had old fashioned bottled cokes, a garden salad from our veggie garden, beers, a jello and potato salad my aunt made and two delicious pies our family friend Ann made.

The show stealer of the party was Baby Connor who’s new best friend is Brad.

Brad helped him water the plants…

How to cheers drinks…

And how to chug your drink!

All I taught him was to do a senior portrait pose…

SO CUTE!!! My friends make cute kids.

I also found this perfect blue mailbox from Joann’s to go with the air mail idea and made a perfect place for people to leave cards for my dad! I can’t wait to share all the projects with you!

Fly Away,

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