Raspberries: The Superior Berry

I love berries. But by far my favorite berry is a raspberry. I have been dying to go berry picking and my friend emailed me to say they were going out of town and someone should come over to pick their raspberries! YES! Free raspberries! So even though it was raining and a thunderstorm, my friend Alex ventured to Redmond with me to pick some berries!

We picked a good size amount, but a lot of them weren’t ripe, difficult to get to or molding from all the cold damp weather we have been having.

Alex and I with our bounty of fruit and soaked in the pouring rain…you can’t tell but…

We got soaked! I already have some homemade raspberry freezer jam, so the plan is to just enjoy these berries plain. Perfect.

After drying off we head to get some pho. Yeah, it’s summer I know. This weather is crazy! But honestly I prefer it over the heat wave everyone else is having.

What’s your favorite berry??


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