{Crafts}: First Class Retirement Party Invitations

I am so excited to start sharing with you some of the great DIY stuff I created for my Dad’s airplane/travel themed retirement party! It all began with my first etsy order (unbelievable I know!) of some air mail Japanese tape. And so began all of the planning. I needed air mail envelopes, blue balloons with clouds, to design an invitation, a banner, etc. So to kick it all off here is the first project!

Project #1: Boarding Pass Invitations and Air Mail Envelopes


  • Boarding pass template-I found mine at aylee bits with a great tutorial too!
  • Program similar to Microsoft Publisher
  • Font similar to OC RA (I downloaded mine from dafonts.com)
  • Color printer and off white card stock or through printing service like Kinko’s
  • Paper cutter/scissors
  • Perforate cutter
  • Air Mail envelopes (I found mine on Amazon.com)
  • Japanese air mail masking tape (I found mine on etsy.com)
  • Travel acrylic stamps (I found mine at a local craft store)


  • Download the aylee bits boarding pass template. I used the template on a blank Microsoft Publisher document and added clip art and text as I wanted in the first template.
  • For the font I downloaded the OCRA text that looks like an old boarding pass font.
  • Here is an example pdf of what words/images you might use
  • Here is the sloppy edited version of the pdf. Sorry about that! Go to the pdf link it is much better looking!
  • Once you have designed your first invitation on the template, copy and paste it in the remaining two spots.
  • Print as many as you need in color on card stock-I used Kinko’s to print mine.
  • Cut each template out and using the perforate tool and ruler on a mat score where you would like to create a tear off look on the boarding pass. I perforated the edge where the directions to the party were so it was like a seat stub on a boarding pass and where the edge with the seat belt and seat number were. Such a cool tool!
  • I ordered some air mail envelopes (a ton so I can use them for other stuff!)
  • To seal the envelopes I used that awesome Japanese air mail masking tape!

These are a great fun way to get people excited about the party! Super inexpensive too!

Fly Away,


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