{Travel}: Portlandia

By now I think everyone is familiar with the show Portlandia and it’s famous “put a bird on it.” If you are not please educate yourself here. It is so funny!

I headed to Portland, OR for a good friend Audrey’s Bachelorette Party! I had to drive a rental car because SOME ONE pulled a Hit and Run on my PARKED car! Needless to say, I am not happy for a $$$$$ mistake I didn’t even cause. Thanks for not leaving your info. Okay I’m done.

We had perfect weather and although I only was there a night I love Portland! It’s Seattle’s cousin Vinny. We stayed in downtown-which by the way was crazy! I felt like I was in Vegas or something…and I don’t remember the Portland night life being like that in the past. Could have been the 200 bachelorette parties there though!

We went to Saucebox for dinner. They had great cocktails like this giant pineapple drink! And I of course ordered the PuPu Platter…

It was delish! After many drinks and some one cutting their hand on a broken glass we headed out to a few bars for the night! The next morning Audrey made sure us out of towners made it to the legendary Voo Doo Doughuts!

They have some crazy doughnuts. Bacon Maple Bar was delish! But the rest of the random doughnuts were overwhelmingly sweet for me! Still super fun to stop and look at all the different kinds. And they have a line out the door 24/7!

I wish I had had more time to shop at some of my favorite shops-sales tax free! Another time though…

What are your favorite things about Portland?

Put a Bird on it,

One thought on “{Travel}: Portlandia

  1. I heard a lot about the show, I need to catch it. And I’ve never heard this version of Portland-this is a version of Portland I could get on board with!

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