Seattle Sporadic Sunshine

The last few days have been lovely in Seattle! I enjoyed a patio happy hour at Laredo’s in Lower Queen Anne with Kelly C. Our fav is the Sangria Wave! A sangria floater in a blended margarita! Bliss!

I also subbed for a friends ‘Drinks on the Links’ team. Even though I am not on a weekly putt putt golf team, I still bought the awesome cup! If I ever want to get a cheap beer refill I’ll just head on down! I was also probably the only person who DIDN’T get a hole in one.

After a day at Lake Washington and a walk around Greenlake I headed to the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market! I got a yummy treat at the ice cream truck.

Love the design on the cone! I had delicious meyer lemon and mint with flakes of dark chocolate!

So Scary! There are bees in there! The honey stand had a bee hive display…TERRIFYING!

There was a chef demo and samples!

I bought some heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella!

I also bought a bunch of basil. So fresh that they said keep it in water so it will last longer!

Luckily they were giving out free tote bags, because with my groceries and farmers market purchases I needed a bag for the walk home!

And for dinner I made an amazing local, organic, and fresh caprese salad! YUM!

Here’s to hoping for more sun,


One thought on “Seattle Sporadic Sunshine

  1. I’ll bet it’s nicer there! We’re in for a whole week of triple digits with HIGH humidity. UGH! Can’t wait for fall! (And I would totally trust a guy with live bees-then you know the honey is REAL!)

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