8/4: Eighty-Four on August 4th

Happy eighty four day! As silly as this whole post is going to sound, trust me you will want to celebrate this day every year too!

Back in high school were this all began, my friends and I (we were all weird in high school okay!?) would refer to anything that was old as 84 years old. For example: Your shoes are like 84 years old!

Eighty-four also happens to be my favorite number. I also want to live to at least be 84. Shortly after realizing my obsession liking of the number 84, my friends and I decided to declare August 4th as Kelly’s ultimate celebration of all things related to 84 Eighty Four Day!


(Side note: I found this photo and now want to drive on 84 on 8/4)

So how does one celebrate Eighty Four Day?

  • Drink 8 40’s at 8:40 am/pm on 84th Street (never been done…yet)
  • In college I went to visit my friends in San Fran and they surprised me and took me to a bar that had ‘1984’ night!!!!
  • Buy something for $8.40
  • Make a cake with an 84 candle
  • Throw a 1984 or 1884 themed party
  • Anything related to using the numbers 8 and 4!

This year I hope the weather is 84 degrees (but really I prefer 74 degrees)!  I love my friends because many of them will actually tell me Happy 8/4 day (thanks for humoring me)! Because really it’s not just a day for me, but for everybody! So take a moment today and celebrate me YOU!

Happy Eighty Four Day!!


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