{Crafts}: First Class Retirement Party Fringe Streamers

To follow up from project #1 and project #2 for my dad’s airplane themed retirement party I have another hanging party decoration for you!

Project #3: Fringe Streamers from Oh Happy Day


  • Crepe paper sheets in choice of colors-I found these at Paper Zone
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Amazing tutorial from Oh Happy Day

  • Cut the folded crepe paper into 2 to 3 inch pieces
  • On the long side (not folded) cut thin strips about 1” long on one side
  • Repeat this fringe look on the other side making sure to leave space in the middle and not cut all the way through
  • Unravel by loosening up the fringe part and then unrolling. I found this was helpful to ‘ruffle’ it up because the fringe stuck together when I had cut it
  • Hang all over! I used these outside for the canopy on two sides
  • And at the door leading everyone outside to the party!

Do know that scissors with comfort grips would be nice as my hand was killing me after all the cutting! There are so many color variations and fun ways to use this simple craft to decorate!


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