Sun and Smoke

Last night I stopped over at my Dad’s for dinner before heading up to my friend’s house. My Dad had just bought a new charcoal grill so stuffed pork loin and roasted corn on the cob was on the menu!

Hard to tell but that’s the new BBQ! We had such nice weather that we ate outside and played a game of cribbage too! I hadn’t played in so long though that he kicked my butt!

SO GOOD! The meat and corn had a nice smokey flavor that you just can’t get from a propane gas grill.

After a good night’s sleep, my Dad and I drove way up north almost to Canada to have lunch (BLAT’s!!) at our good friends house and playing some serious Texas Hold ’em poker! We have a tradition of getting together and playing poke, usually with real money too, but just played today. My Dad beat us all out, but at least he made really good rhubarb bread so we didn’t feel as bad!

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the blog… I’ll be getting back at here to tell you what I’ve been up too! And this Saturday I am checking something off the list to share with you!

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