Twin Peaks

Have you watched the DVD’s of the show Twin Peaks? I feel like everyone has been talking about watching the brief 2 seasons of this early 1990’s weird tv show. Season 1 I liked but 2 just got to sci-fi for me! But since it was filmed in Washington I knew I’d want to geek out and go to some of the places. Holly and my Dad had just also finished watching Twin Peaks so we planned a day to head out to North Bend to go to the Twin Peaks Cafe (Twede’s cafe). Our first stop was in Snoqualmie to the Falls. Beautiful!

Then to get the famous Cherry Pie!

None of us got the ‘Damn Good Cup of Coffee’ though.

The pie was delish! The crust was almost biscuit like and I can never say no to soft serve ice cream! Yum!

Oh and check out Holly’s great photos of the day too!

Have you done anything geeky lately?!

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