{Crafts}: First Class Retirement Party Cups and Silverware

Flash back to project #1, #2, and #3 here! This might be my favorite project from the First Class Retirement Party!

Project #4: Decorative Cup Seals and Luggage Tag Silverware


  • Sticker seals of your choice-I found some great circle ones from Martha Stewart Crafts.
  • Stamps and stamp ink of your choice-I used travel themed ones
  • Cups and napkins of your choice
  • Plastic silverware
  • Thin ribbon of your choice to go with the napkins
  • Luggage tag punch or other shape of your choice
  • Hole punch

  • Stamp each sticker with the stamp of your choice!
  • Place a sticker on each cup-making sure ink has completely dried! I found some great cups to go with the theme too!
  • For the silverware bundles I borrowed a tag puncher to cut ‘luggage’ tags out of thick cardstock
  • I then stamped each tag with an airmail and passport stamp
  • I then used this awesome hole punch I found and have used a lot since I got it, on the ends of the tag. It is just wide enough for a thin ribbon to thread through
  • Take your silverware and place in the middle of your napkin folding the bottom corner up
  • Fold on side over…
  • and roll it up like a burrito!
  • Tie ribbon around the silverware bundle first and knot and then tie the tag on
  • Bundle up all your stuff and display it for the party!

This is so easy but the little touch added so much to the party and I have so many more ideas like this even for a small fall dinner party or book club potluck!

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