Seafood Fest

Last weekend I had somewhat of a mini high school reunion with some great friends while feasting on seafood! I always enjoy a great summer evening outdoors sipping wine, sharing laughs and eating great food!

Andrea’s family was hosting and here she is making her famous crab cakes!

The boys had a crazy game of croquet…

While the ladies played an intense game of badminton! As the sun started to go down we sat down to eat.

Here is Ryan, Julie and Sarah enjoying the first course-a spinach salad with strawberries, onions, nuts and a vinaigrette!

Next up was smoked salmon fettuccine! Anna and Lydia pausing for a photo before digging in!

Brad refilled our empty wine glasses before the next course!

I needed lots of napkins to cover my white shirt for the final course of Cioppino!

Nate enjoyed it so much he drank the rest-although Lydia is thinking “Who’s this guy think he is?!”

Last but not least dessert! Delish chocolate cake with berries and Grand Marnier!

The evening ended with laughs around the fire! Thanks Andrea and Fam for a great night!


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