{Crafts}: First Class Ticket to Retirement Photo Wall

WHOA! I think this might be the final DIY project of the First Class Ticket to Retirement Party! I’ve had so much fun sharing projects #1, #2, #3, #4 and now #5 with you! This one is super simple and was a great conversation starter as well!

Project #5: Mini Clothes Pin Photo Travel Wall


  • Fabric wall hanging-I found a colorful map at Joann’s, but you could also use a paper map or other background of your choice
  • Thumbtacks or tape
  • Mini clothes pins
  • Thin ribbon-I used two colors
  • Photos of the retiree- I found some great ones!

  • I used thumb tacks to hang the fabric map on the wall and some clear tape to make it lay flat. Then I used ribbon tacked on to each side of the map to make two rows.
  • I used the mini clothes pins to hang each photo along the ribbon, mixing old and new photos-and as many as I could find related to my theme!
  • I then topped it off by adding some more of the cloud balloons along each side!

This was the simplest but also most meaningful project. I really enjoyed finding the photos and having everyone enjoy getting to see all the memories!

Do you have any clever photo wall ideas?

4 thoughts on “{Crafts}: First Class Ticket to Retirement Photo Wall

  1. Great job, Kelly! I am wondering where you found the cloud balloons… I am doing an airplane theme for my son’s first birthday and would love to have these! I saw some on the web but they are a darker (more aqua) blue… These are perfect!

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