Animals Sn-animals

My buddy Alex purchased a deal for the Woodland Park Zoo and asked me to go with her. Normally I am so not into zoo’s and aquariums and all that but since she used to work at the zoo I figured it be like a private tour!

It was sunny out so we stopped at a place called Picnic to get some essentials for a picnic in the zoo!

Like this yummy ham and cheese on a PRETZEL bread roll. LOVE IT!

Or this tasty sandwich Alex is displaying with a really good Dry Rhubarb Soda!

Then is was animal time. And most of them were out and about so I got a bunch of great pictures!

I actually enjoyed the zoo even though it makes me sad to see the animals on display and locked up. I didn’t even feel the need to rush through and leave.

Does anyone else get bored with museums and such? I’m headed to DC in September and want to go to some museums but am I doomed to be bored??

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