{The List}: Hip Hip Hizzah!

I saw this bucket list idea when I read it on Jessica’s blog and had looked up to find out if there were any Renaissance Fairs in Washington as well as made it #113 on the list!

Luckily Groupon had a special deal on the Washington Renaissance Faire in Bonney Lake this summer and my partner in crime Alex and her mom were totally up for it!

Alex and I with our Dragons Breath Sarsaparilla bottles aka root beer with NO ALKEHAL! Ha ha! We entered the fair through a castle entrance in a field in the middle of nowhere in blazing hot sun-Our hottest day of the summer at a whopping 80 some degrees.

As we arrived back in time (everyone but us was basically dressed up in olden time cloaks or really random animals or fairies, I guess any excuse to dress up even if it’s the wrong costume for the event, but it made you feel like you were on the movie set of A Knights tale) we headed straight to the entertainment. Some sort of juggling acrobatic horseback riding fire throwing event was happening. I could totally do that.

It didn’t take long for Alex to want a giant pickle. Typical.

And took me about 2 seconds to then want…

A giant turkey leg. Yum! Messy but what I planned this whole event for. A turkey leg.

Then a barbarian of a viking began yelling to announce the Queen was coming!

The Queen was knighting people…trust me I would have done this but the line was long and it ‘was for the kids.’

Alex, like the true Renaissance woman she is, bargained to get to throw one axe. And she totally did awesome.

Now this guy. He spent the whole day walking creepily around without talking. I think he’s supposed to be the fawn in Narnia?? Hey whatever makes you happy bud. But you didn’t even take a break for a TURKEY LEG!

At the end of the day there was a jousting tournament-we were with Spain and this was the horse! It was quite the elaborate show. Here’s a video from the website  with a little bit of everything and of the jousting!

Then there was the drunken singing in the pub…

Then Alex got cooled off in the ‘Drench Wench.’

As silly as the fair sounds we had a great time in the sun and truly felt like we were in a whole other world. Every hour had some sort of entertainment and the fair was small enough to see everything. Although I came home and had to shower the heavy layer of dust I had accumulated!

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire?

4 thoughts on “{The List}: Hip Hip Hizzah!

  1. Yay! It sounds like you had a pretty similar experience to mine–I guess that’s how they all are! What is up with just dressing up all crazy, not necessarily in historical costumes? And why didn’t YOU throw the axe?

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