{The List}: Let’s Go Sailing

I’m super glad to finally have checked off and survived #132 Go Sailing! I had this obnoxious fear of sailing. Like totally irrational. But after completely white water rafting this Spring, I was brave enough to buy a sailing trip for two in Elliot Bay with Let’s Go Sailing. And convince two friends to do the same!

Sarah, Alex, me and Brad picked a random day to sail from the Seattle Waterfront and lucked out on perfect weather-sunny and not windy enough to tilt us over too far!

Once securely on board we poured our beverages (it’s a BYOB!) and dug into our snacks!

We headed out of the dock and soon after had the sails up!

Why was I scared of sailing? Oh yeah open water, drowning…

Falling OUT! Just kidding we just got a good angle to joke around.

We snacked away while chatting with some other people on the boat.

They let me sail the boat…hey gotta take advantage of trying everything!

I also tried out the bathroom. It was weird in the cabin-way more motion down there and the bathroom is slanted so I had one foot on the wall to hold myself up!

No one got sick or burned and the views were amazing!

We saw lots of sea lions and they were very talkative!

And look at the city! In a few months when it is cold and drizzly here I’ll think of this day out on the water with a tank top and the clear sky!

Do you have any irrational fears?


One thought on “{The List}: Let’s Go Sailing

  1. I tried sailing when I was younger and I just remember it being really frustrating and not really going anywhere/just getting stuck out on the water. I guess I should try it again now that I’m all growns up but I really don’t have much interest.

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