{Music} Zoo Tunes & Chateau St. Michelle

After my recent trip to the zoo, it only seemed fitting to go to zoo tunes. Zoo tunes are outdoor concerts at Woodland Park Zoo. I lucked out getting tickets to the second show of Brandi Carlile and went with Holly and Barb.

We had a great spot and some great food including…

Rhubarb hand pies! Yum!

Brandi played a bunch of new stuff that I really liked and had her sister sing one too!

Next up was Jeff Bridges singing tunes from Crazy Heart at Chateau St. Michelle. The best part about this venue is the wine! Brad and I bought a few bottles to go with our amazing picnic!

I wasn’t able to get any good photos of him, but Brad and I did sneak up to the front side stage and got to be close for a couple of songs!

Next up this fall is Counting Crows, The Head and the Heart and Death Cab for Cutie!

Did you go to any great outdoor concerts this summer?

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