Seattle Sounders

My friend Kelly C. and I finally got time to try out the new Tom Douglas Brave Horse Tavern in South Lake Union. I am addicted to soft pretzels and had heard about them here.

Kelly and I opted for the two pretzels with three dips-smoked peanut butter bacon, sour cream and crispy onions, and pimento cheese spread. Also notice how giant the beers are. GIANT. We also played  a couple rounds of shuffle board!

Later that night we meet up with our good friend Casey and not pictured because he’s a dude-Jer for the Sounders game!

This game was at their practice field which is smaller, but allows for us to be the second row from the field! Close to the players and security…

Seattle played Dallas who were a bunch of meanies. Didn’t like them one bit and I yelled enough to prove it.

Seattle won with one goal and someone lit a road flare! We were pretty sure some one was on fire-luckily it went out.

I love soccer! And yelling.


One thought on “Seattle Sounders

  1. SO awesome! Wish I had been a part of this :). This Tom character is approaching a restaurant manopoly in Seattle!!!! Serious Pie is seriously delicious…If you haven’t been go for lunch so you don’t have to wait in line for 2 hours!

    Next time I’m in Seattle I really want to go to a Sounders game!

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