{Crafts}: Knit Baby Girl Bow Hat

My good friend is having a baby girl in December! I am so excited and had to make a hat for her! I kinda made this without a pattern and saw a hat like it on Etsy that was too cute!

Knit Hat with Bow

  • Baby yarn in two colors, I used white and green and it was a soft cotton I believe
  • US 8 circular and double point needles
  • Yarn needle
  1. Cast on 60 with MC using the double cast on method
  2. Knit in the round and place marker at beginning for about 2 1/2″
  3. Knit in CC for 1″
  4. Knit MC until whole piece measures 5″
  5. Change to double point needles, knit 8, k2tg to end
  6. knit 7, k2tg
  7. knit 6, k2tg
  8. knit 5, k2tg
  9. knit 4, k2tg
  10. knit 3, k2tg
  11. knit 2, k2tg
  12. knit 1, k2tg
  13. k2tg and then using yarn needle pull stitches together
  14. To make bow cast on 10 in CC and knit to about 5″ or desired size of bow
  15. Wrap CC around middle of bow and tighten and sew to hat in CC band.
  16. Put on baby to keep warm!

I love how easy and quick a baby knit hat is. All I ever want to knit is baby projects, and only a few friends have kids right now so maybe this Fall I’ll make a bunch of baby hats to stock up for future friends little ones!

Have any knitting patterns I must try??

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