{The List}: Gone Fishin’

Where did Summer go? And why am I asking this knowing it’s already Fall?

Because I am a slacker in my blog days. Like I have about 1,000+ blog posts to read on bloglovin.com, I have about 10 draft posts on here-not completed of course, and a pumpkin waiting to be gutted. So here is an ode to the last bit of Summer I had Labor day weekend!

For the first time in about 3 years I finally got my camping gear out! Brad and I picked a place on Whidbey Island so we wouldn’t have to go far from Seattle for some fires, s’mores, beers, dogs, and my first official FISHING trip! Bucket List #116 here I come!

Brad being an expert Eagle Scout built a roaring fire! We didn’t have any fish to cook this night. We went to Deer Lake first and it was CROWDED! Kids screaming, people boating and jet skiing. Not a peaceful fishing spot to be found. Luckily we drove further and found Lone Lake-a literally we were a lone. Perfect! Brad caught a few little ones he had to throw back. And since I didn’t know what I was doing besides hold the pole in the water, Brad was in charge of helping me with the hook and teaching me how to cast it, which turns out is not so easy (trees and fishing line don’t mix!).

Day 2 proved to be a much better day…I had yet to catch anything and Brad had a few small catch and releases. I sat and sat. I napped. I sat. Then all of a sudden I had a tug on my line! I was like ‘BRAD!’ He thought I was faking it! Until he heard the flopping fish as I reeled it in and knew I had it!

I caught the biggest trout of the day! I freaked out though and almost didn’t hold it for this picture. But alas, we didn’t keep him so I can’t say I have fully fulfilled this list item.

Shortly after my award winning catch-I named him Jones- Brad caught a fairly large one too! Although we didn’t have a boat or get to eat any of our catch, I loved how beautiful the lake was and we had great weather for sitting out all day.On our way home we stopped at the Seattle waterfront for some fish and chips, very fitting and had the most amazing sunset for the last warm weekend of the Summer.

Fall is here now and I want to go camping again. Maybe a winter cabin?

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