{Crafts}: Fall and Autumn Wreaths

Oh how I love the crisp fall leaves and warm colors of fall! After pinning about umm…too many wreath ideas on pinterest I found two I wanted to make for this Fall. One for the door and one for my living room! too see my wreath idea board check here.

First the one on the door! I got inspiration from this amazing photo.

I purchased a straw wreath form and some tan striped yarn and wrapped it all around. This took some time and about the whole yarn bundle-I bought an extra that I’ll probably make a hat or scarf out of!

Here is is all wrapped up! Holly made an awesome one with orange yarn and left it as is! Simple and chic!

I found a bag of buttons at my house and got some felt in purple green and cream shades. I made circle templates in a few sizes and cut them all out. I sewed buttons on some layers and on some I sewed the edge only creating a petal as you can see on the ones on the left in the picture.

I layered the petal ones on each side and then glued the button ones in the middle.

I love how this turned out, mainly because of the colors! I think next time I am going to use a thicker yarn to wrap more quickly and give it some bulk and then do just the petals up one side. Maybe for Spring!

My next indoor wreath was a bit more time consuming! I got the idea from a Martha Stewart corn husks wreath and then saw an easy cheaper way to make it with paper raffia. I bought a bunch about 4 bundles of the brown paper raffia and cut them in about 6 inch pieces

I unraveled all of them and then took U shaped floral pins to pin them looped on a straw wreath form. It’s best to layer them in a random fashion and close together. They hold their shape pretty well so you can fluff as you go.

I’ve seen blogs mention using hot glue, but the U pins were way less messy and you could move them if it didn’t look right. I also pinned several loops with one pin. I used about 2 boxes of the pins.You don’t have to pin these all around, I left the back flat for easy hanging.

Here is is all fluffed! I then bought some wide ribbon to hang it in my living room. This is were I dream of having a fire place with a mantel for a wreath like this.

How awesome is that?! I found this great old window at a salvage yard and I have another in my room that was from an old house I used to live in.

My wreath obsession is filled until Winter…

4 thoughts on “{Crafts}: Fall and Autumn Wreaths

  1. NICE! Really want to make a wreath now! I would love to have craft parties together if we ever live in the same city again! Miss you buddy…

  2. I also share your love of wreaths – my favorite at Christmas was to help my mother make the giant one for the front door. Love both of your ideas – especially the corn husk one. Figures I would like the one that requires the most work 🙂

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