{Crafts}: Freezer Paper Tea Towels

I have been obsessed with freezer paper lately. It is way to easy to use and makes the best custom stencils for fabric projects! I started my first project for my book club wine exchange. I made a tea towel to wrap the wine bottle with a saying I found “My book club only reads wine labels.” Very fitting I must say!

I used an exacto knife to cut the words out of the freezer paper and then ironed it on the tea towel and used a sponge brush to put fabric paint on it. I let it dry and then removed the stencil-no messy residue and clean lines-although the only downside is that the stencils aren’t very reusable unless you try to not rip them off, but still I wouldn’t reuse them.

What a fun gift idea! I then started coming up with more ideas for gifts and made some LSU/Louisiana themed ones for Brad’s family.

I sewed yellow and purple ribbons on some plain tea towels to add some LSU color and I found some handmade tags in my sewing basket with my name on them!

I need to find out where I got these…I think some one gave them to me as a gift back in the day.

I of course didn’t take a final photo before I wrapped them up, but you can see where I was going with the idea at least! His family thought we had bought them at first! I’m planning some more that I can’t reveal until I give them away!

Have you ever used freezer paper? For anything other than stencils??

Craft on!