{Books}: 2012 Reading Challenge

Although my only book related List item is #3: write a book, which would be EPIC and of course a New York Best Seller, I love to read. I mean LOVE as much as I love wine, sleep, and sugar. As a young kiddo I would bring stacks of books to bed each night and when I was finished stuff them under my bed. Every week my Dad made me clean out all the books and put them back because there were so many!

In college like most people I know who love reading, take a break. Not from reading, but the ENJOYING it part. My reading life turned into thick chemistry textbooks, human anatomy study guides, and highlighter filled health binders. It took me about two years after college to pick up a book for joy. I believe I read a few all around the same time, A Million Little Pieces was one of them and I can’t remember the others. From that point on though I began to spend all my time and money go to the library and check out books to save money!

Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading tons of books in my book club-WNDC! We are a secret society, but we have a blog with all the books we have read. I typically keep track of what I am reading in addition on goodreads. On my recent trek over there I noticed the 2012 Reading Challenge and thought I’d give it a shot! I wasn’t sure what I typically read a year so I figured 20 was a good goal to set at not quite 2 books a month.

I hope to share some of my favorite books with you during this challenge and feel free to challenge yourself as well or even better offer me book recommendations!

I’m starting book two this week-The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes!

Post Script: I can’t count this towards my goal because I read them last month, but GO READ ALL OF THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES. NOW. BANANAS.


3 thoughts on “{Books}: 2012 Reading Challenge

  1. I, like you, was an avid reader until college, and, like you, took awhile to get back into reading but I’m definitely back into it again. The last few years I’ve been working on finishing the “Greatest book list” but I only have the really long ones left so I’m only going to attempt 4 of those this year. Last year I did the Global book challenge, which was fun but I think this year it’ll be good to just read mostly whatever I want to read. I’ve got Hunger Games series added to my Paperback Swap wish list-currently finishing up the Millennium trilogy. Here’s to a great 2012 filled with great books!

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