{Crafts}: Knit Baby Viking Hat

OMGEEEEE!!! Right?! I died.

Since I am a Viking Alum and so is my friend who has a two year old boy I figured this hat was too perfect for him-in hopes that he follows the Viking path to college!

I can’t take credit for this pattern because I found it here at Knit for Your Life. I did alter the length of the horns and didn’t use stuffing in them if you wondered! I can’t wait to make a whole fleet of these for all my college friends for when they have kids and also add braids to the ones for girls! If I was to make this smaller for a child rather than toddler I would also suggest adding ear flaps with a chin tie.

Gotta go make one in my size now…

2 thoughts on “{Crafts}: Knit Baby Viking Hat

  1. YES! This is awesome. Can I pay you to make two (one with braids and one without) for the little twins I watch?? No pressure, but let me know! I suck at knitting.

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