{The List}: Zippity Doo Dah

Prior (I apologize this occurred in January of 2011!) to my ah-ha moment to start a blog, my boyfriend and I had spent a year talking about going on an all inclusive vacation to Cancun. Why this of all things?!

We had been on a trip to visit his family in Louisiana and a family member had said how relaxing it was and all you can DRINK! We were hooked to say the least. So that began our dream of sunshine…

I’ve always said I wanted to zip line through the jungle. I always said it’s on my bucket list. Yet, this list was only in my head so began the blog idea (long story)…

And that leads us to crossing off #5: Zip line through the jungle.

Zip line through the jungle, upside down too!

Our adventure with Selvatica started bright and early with them picking us up at our hotel. Luis got the party rolling for the hour drive into the jungle with a Phil Collins  CD playing all of his hits!

At the zip line site they of course had the tourist parrot photo opportunity! They had safety instructions with death jokes included and an army truck ride through the jungle!

Here is Brad and I completing the 12 or more zip lines throughout the canopy of the jungle! After going upside down we bought shirts that said ‘I did it upside down!” with a tree and silhouette of a zip liner! They kept calling me “Kelly not lazy. Kelly CRAZY!” I was surprisingly not afraid and had so much fun! I think because with zip lining you don’t feel like you are free falling which is scarier to me.

Speaking of free falling, I was feeling overly confident after all the fun zipping through the jungle when they surprised us with a Tarzan opportunity! I was all about it until I got to the top and he counted to three and I didn’t’ move. So he counted again and LITERALLY pushed me off. I think I screamed. Or peed. I also lost a shoe briefly.

Brad the daredevil he is jumped off backwards. But he’s tall so it isn’t a long drop for him…

Following all of our hard work at the top of the trees we headed to a natural cenote for a refreshing swim after and it included zip lines into the water! They also provided us with a delicious lunch and beer where we watched the video of the day with our group. This was thrilling and also the tour guides were so funny and safe! They knew are names and we got to know more people in our group too. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for an adventure on their relaxing vacation. I mean beach, drink, pool, drink, dance, drink, shop, drink and zip line all in one trip?! How cool is that.

I’m actually glad I am posting this a year later because it reminds me of the great time we had together! I am sad though that we didn’t book one this year, but hey it is getting cold here and maybe we could have a big trip in April…

What is your greatest adventure?

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