{Pet Peeves}: Stress Balls

Pet peeve=stress. Stress ball=pet peeve and increase in stress.

I mean look at that evil happy face staring you in the face saying I am gonna make you so stressed out!

Now why is a stress ball my pet peeve? Here’s the deal, when I am stressed I am totally down with the idea of squeezing the daylights out of something. Like have you ever seen one of those homemade stress balls with flour or sugar in a balloon? Those are great! Easy to squeeze…

The promotional rubber foam ones though? THEY ARE AS HARD AS A DINOSAUR ROCK! If I am already stressed then how is squeezing a ball made of stone helping me relax?! I mean I had to use TWO hands. TWO. And even then I started to sweat and my blood pressure rose. You know what helped though, throwing that mountain mass at a wall!

Am I the only one on this??

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