{The List}: The Ride of a Lifetime

I have been gearing up for this forever! The last few years of living on top of this ginormous hill and having only a few snowy chances and not being prepared, I have finally completed the list #138: Sled down Queen Anne Hill!

This year I prepped with new snow pants, boots and for Christmas Brad and I received the gift of magical sleds!!! All I needed was a snow storm and finally this January MLK Jr. (yeah, I know it’s March) gifted me with a week of snow days and plenty of ice to have some sledding fun down the death trap of a hill.

With the snow falling we had to grab some shades. The hill was like a community party with neighbors talking to each other and hurling themselves down the hill! Here’s some video from King 5 which we didn’t make it on air but some of the other cray cray’s did and it gives you an idea of how intense people get about the blizzard we had, I mean snowflakes.

After walking and sledding for hours we tried out the side streets too and even pulled our grocery’s home in a sled too! I would say I can’t wait for more snow, but I am so ready for Spring and in the next post you’ll know why I’m not into sledding anytime soon…

Do you like sledding? what’s your favorite snow sport?


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