{The List}: If It Ain’t Broke…

Then break it! Well, never though this would happen, but since it did…I added it to the list! #137: Break a bone!

This is so ridiculous…Last July in my effort to fulfill running a race on my bucket list I started training. Week three on mile 2 I thought I had stepped on a sharp rock and when it turned out not to be a rock I limped home figuring I pulled a muscle in my big toe or ball of my foot. It swelled and bruised so I stayed off it for two weeks and iced it. I kept doing yoga three times a week, stopped running and only walked…

…for eight months. Finally my co-worker asked me to join a rec soccer team and I said ‘yeah, let me just get my foot looked at first.’ Famous last words.

I had x-rays and an MRI done-I was told it was a stress fracture. Then I went to the mecca of broken body parts-Harborview Medical Center-and had another set of x-rays that determined I had COMPLETELY fractured my sesamoid bone. WTF is that?!

Not my x-ray, but that’s what mine looked like and hey, also turns out Anthony Kedis of RHCP also had this same break but had SURGERY! (please don’t let me add that to my list!)

So as you can see from the photo at the top I’m trying to make my walking boot look like my other boot, but there’s no disguising that monster! I have about two more weeks until my next set of x-rays and then that determines either I’m healed, I need the boot longer or DOOMS DAY.

Seriously. Lame. Why couldn’t I have broken my left pinky finger instead?? Now I have to wear socks and I hate socks.

Have you broken a bone? What was the best and worst part?


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