Crawfish Season!

First my apologizes. I am so busy enjoying life and crawfish that I have semi neglected this blog. Go get ‘er self some craw daddies soon! Brad and I joined two of our pals Jer and Kelly for a good ‘ol fashioned crawfish boil at Marcela’s in Pioneer Square.

Run out and go get some before the season is over in June!

 We each got a different Abita-I love purple haze, it has raspberries in it!

The crawfish was almost as good as when I’ve had it in Louisiana! I highly recommend this place for the food, the service and the atmosphere! Next time I’ll make sure to try a hurricane too!

We easily finished 6 lbs of crawfish, a bunch of potatoes, and a full corn on the cob each! We also had bread pudding-good and the pecan pie-EXCELLENT! I usually don’t like pecan pie at all, but this one was the best I’ve had! Seriously. Serious.

I prefer shrimp boils, but it’s always fun to do any kind of seafood boil and getting messy!

Do you like crawfish and if you do, do you suck the heads?? I’m still unsure about how I feel about that!


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