{Crafts}: Tee Shirt Scarf

I can’t take credit for this awesomeness, but I received a great gift the other day from my friend Megan. She made this t-shirt scarf that she has a how to on her blog to make!

You can wear it several ways and she gave me grey since she knows me too well! Go check it out at her blog and then tell her how awesome she is for giving me one just because!

PS I love ya Megs!!


{Crafts}: Knit Baby Viking Hat

OMGEEEEE!!! Right?! I died.

Since I am a Viking Alum and so is my friend who has a two year old boy I figured this hat was too perfect for him-in hopes that he follows the Viking path to college!

I can’t take credit for this pattern because I found it here at Knit for Your Life. I did alter the length of the horns and didn’t use stuffing in them if you wondered! I can’t wait to make a whole fleet of these for all my college friends for when they have kids and also add braids to the ones for girls! If I was to make this smaller for a child rather than toddler I would also suggest adding ear flaps with a chin tie.

Gotta go make one in my size now…

{Crafts}: Freezer Paper Tea Towels

I have been obsessed with freezer paper lately. It is way to easy to use and makes the best custom stencils for fabric projects! I started my first project for my book club wine exchange. I made a tea towel to wrap the wine bottle with a saying I found “My book club only reads wine labels.” Very fitting I must say!

I used an exacto knife to cut the words out of the freezer paper and then ironed it on the tea towel and used a sponge brush to put fabric paint on it. I let it dry and then removed the stencil-no messy residue and clean lines-although the only downside is that the stencils aren’t very reusable unless you try to not rip them off, but still I wouldn’t reuse them.

What a fun gift idea! I then started coming up with more ideas for gifts and made some LSU/Louisiana themed ones for Brad’s family.

I sewed yellow and purple ribbons on some plain tea towels to add some LSU color and I found some handmade tags in my sewing basket with my name on them!

I need to find out where I got these…I think some one gave them to me as a gift back in the day.

I of course didn’t take a final photo before I wrapped them up, but you can see where I was going with the idea at least! His family thought we had bought them at first! I’m planning some more that I can’t reveal until I give them away!

Have you ever used freezer paper? For anything other than stencils??

Craft on!

{Crafts}: Fall and Autumn Wreaths

Oh how I love the crisp fall leaves and warm colors of fall! After pinning about umm…too many wreath ideas on pinterest I found two I wanted to make for this Fall. One for the door and one for my living room! too see my wreath idea board check here.

First the one on the door! I got inspiration from this amazing photo.

I purchased a straw wreath form and some tan striped yarn and wrapped it all around. This took some time and about the whole yarn bundle-I bought an extra that I’ll probably make a hat or scarf out of!

Here is is all wrapped up! Holly made an awesome one with orange yarn and left it as is! Simple and chic!

I found a bag of buttons at my house and got some felt in purple green and cream shades. I made circle templates in a few sizes and cut them all out. I sewed buttons on some layers and on some I sewed the edge only creating a petal as you can see on the ones on the left in the picture.

I layered the petal ones on each side and then glued the button ones in the middle.

I love how this turned out, mainly because of the colors! I think next time I am going to use a thicker yarn to wrap more quickly and give it some bulk and then do just the petals up one side. Maybe for Spring!

My next indoor wreath was a bit more time consuming! I got the idea from a Martha Stewart corn husks wreath and then saw an easy cheaper way to make it with paper raffia. I bought a bunch about 4 bundles of the brown paper raffia and cut them in about 6 inch pieces

I unraveled all of them and then took U shaped floral pins to pin them looped on a straw wreath form. It’s best to layer them in a random fashion and close together. They hold their shape pretty well so you can fluff as you go.

I’ve seen blogs mention using hot glue, but the U pins were way less messy and you could move them if it didn’t look right. I also pinned several loops with one pin. I used about 2 boxes of the pins.You don’t have to pin these all around, I left the back flat for easy hanging.

Here is is all fluffed! I then bought some wide ribbon to hang it in my living room. This is were I dream of having a fire place with a mantel for a wreath like this.

How awesome is that?! I found this great old window at a salvage yard and I have another in my room that was from an old house I used to live in.

My wreath obsession is filled until Winter…

{Crafts}: Knit Baby Girl Bow Hat

My good friend is having a baby girl in December! I am so excited and had to make a hat for her! I kinda made this without a pattern and saw a hat like it on Etsy that was too cute!

Knit Hat with Bow

  • Baby yarn in two colors, I used white and green and it was a soft cotton I believe
  • US 8 circular and double point needles
  • Yarn needle
  1. Cast on 60 with MC using the double cast on method
  2. Knit in the round and place marker at beginning for about 2 1/2″
  3. Knit in CC for 1″
  4. Knit MC until whole piece measures 5″
  5. Change to double point needles, knit 8, k2tg to end
  6. knit 7, k2tg
  7. knit 6, k2tg
  8. knit 5, k2tg
  9. knit 4, k2tg
  10. knit 3, k2tg
  11. knit 2, k2tg
  12. knit 1, k2tg
  13. k2tg and then using yarn needle pull stitches together
  14. To make bow cast on 10 in CC and knit to about 5″ or desired size of bow
  15. Wrap CC around middle of bow and tighten and sew to hat in CC band.
  16. Put on baby to keep warm!

I love how easy and quick a baby knit hat is. All I ever want to knit is baby projects, and only a few friends have kids right now so maybe this Fall I’ll make a bunch of baby hats to stock up for future friends little ones!

Have any knitting patterns I must try??

{Crafts}: First Class Ticket to Retirement Photo Wall

WHOA! I think this might be the final DIY project of the First Class Ticket to Retirement Party! I’ve had so much fun sharing projects #1, #2, #3, #4 and now #5 with you! This one is super simple and was a great conversation starter as well!

Project #5: Mini Clothes Pin Photo Travel Wall


  • Fabric wall hanging-I found a colorful map at Joann’s, but you could also use a paper map or other background of your choice
  • Thumbtacks or tape
  • Mini clothes pins
  • Thin ribbon-I used two colors
  • Photos of the retiree- I found some great ones!

  • I used thumb tacks to hang the fabric map on the wall and some clear tape to make it lay flat. Then I used ribbon tacked on to each side of the map to make two rows.
  • I used the mini clothes pins to hang each photo along the ribbon, mixing old and new photos-and as many as I could find related to my theme!
  • I then topped it off by adding some more of the cloud balloons along each side!

This was the simplest but also most meaningful project. I really enjoyed finding the photos and having everyone enjoy getting to see all the memories!

Do you have any clever photo wall ideas?

{Crafts}: First Class Retirement Party Cups and Silverware

Flash back to project #1, #2, and #3 here! This might be my favorite project from the First Class Retirement Party!

Project #4: Decorative Cup Seals and Luggage Tag Silverware


  • Sticker seals of your choice-I found some great circle ones from Martha Stewart Crafts.
  • Stamps and stamp ink of your choice-I used travel themed ones
  • Cups and napkins of your choice
  • Plastic silverware
  • Thin ribbon of your choice to go with the napkins
  • Luggage tag punch or other shape of your choice
  • Hole punch

  • Stamp each sticker with the stamp of your choice!
  • Place a sticker on each cup-making sure ink has completely dried! I found some great cups to go with the theme too!
  • For the silverware bundles I borrowed a tag puncher to cut ‘luggage’ tags out of thick cardstock
  • I then stamped each tag with an airmail and passport stamp
  • I then used this awesome hole punch I found and have used a lot since I got it, on the ends of the tag. It is just wide enough for a thin ribbon to thread through
  • Take your silverware and place in the middle of your napkin folding the bottom corner up
  • Fold on side over…
  • and roll it up like a burrito!
  • Tie ribbon around the silverware bundle first and knot and then tie the tag on
  • Bundle up all your stuff and display it for the party!

This is so easy but the little touch added so much to the party and I have so many more ideas like this even for a small fall dinner party or book club potluck!