{Things I Want}: Beauty Products I Love

I know I did a post about beauty products I want but let’s talk about the ones I have and recommend! I am obsessed with…Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow Palette so much I bought Naked 2!!! Some many great shades and great for day to night and traveling.

These bad boys are expensive but I got two small ones free from Sephora for my birthday gift for being a Beauty Insider! I have the Fresh Sugar Rose and really like how it tints and conditions your lips and has a great metal screw on lid (I also got one in my first birchbox!) I like the Fresh Brown Sugar too and am so excited to try the Plum and new Coral down the line too.

I love BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer! It is a clear smooth and silky primer I use every day before putting on my BareMinerals foundation. It isn’t oily and a little goes a long way!

My friend Amy told me about this scent called flowerbomb and I can’t get enough! It is perfect for spring and summer and not too over powering to wear to work or on a hot date!

I used to have to jumble through a makeup bag but now I use a bunch of different vintage glasses, tea cups and other cups to store my makeup brushes, eyeliner and misc items. Cute and practical!

and then there is my monthly Birchbox surprises! I love getting introduced to new beauty products and getting stuff in the mail! Check out my post about my first Birchbox here!

What are your must have beauty products that I should try too??



{Crafts}: Tee Shirt Scarf

I can’t take credit for this awesomeness, but I received a great gift the other day from my friend Megan. She made this t-shirt scarf that she has a how to on her blog to make!

You can wear it several ways and she gave me grey since she knows me too well! Go check it out at her blog and then tell her how awesome she is for giving me one just because!

PS I love ya Megs!!

Antiques and Anacortes

A few weeks ago my friends and I went up to Anacortes for a antique adventure (seriously check out that link because every time I think about ANTIQUES I think of this video, haha!)! I went with Holly, Lauren and Megan (also bloggers! Aqua Elephant, Diary of this Girl, and Elle Hey No you can check out their finds at the links!)

I was able to snag the third Pyrex bowl in a set I have been looking for…now all I need is the small blue one!

And Holly this past weekend saw this for me!

So I am well on my way with the snowflake print collection!

I also scored when I found the most amazing depression glass cake plates-all three tiered!!

So beautiful and I can’t wait to use them for desserts or apps or whatever I can!

I can’t wait to go shopping more with these girls!

Do you have any cool antique shops or cities you go??


Have you heard about Birchbox? My co-worker told me about it and I was instantly excited when I heard 1. mini things 2. beauty things and 3. getting mail!

Birchbox offers a variety of options, I chose a monthly subscription, like a magazine! Each month you get mailed a beautiful box (which I’m going to need some cool ideas to use these boxes for!) filled with an assortment of different products. This month I got Miss Cherie perfume-which I love already, Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatment-again one I love, a twistband hair tie which I’ve been wanting to try, a FULL SIZE Essie glitter nail polish which I can’t wait to try, $10 off Modcloth, and a new product I haven’t tried before that hydrates your hair!

Anyway, I’m hooked and really excited to try out the products and when you review products it gets you points towards buying full size products on the website. Okay what else do you need to know….GO CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Seattle Sounders

My friend Kelly C. and I finally got time to try out the new Tom Douglas Brave Horse Tavern in South Lake Union. I am addicted to soft pretzels and had heard about them here.

Kelly and I opted for the two pretzels with three dips-smoked peanut butter bacon, sour cream and crispy onions, and pimento cheese spread. Also notice how giant the beers are. GIANT. We also played  a couple rounds of shuffle board!

Later that night we meet up with our good friend Casey and not pictured because he’s a dude-Jer for the Sounders game!

This game was at their practice field which is smaller, but allows for us to be the second row from the field! Close to the players and security…

Seattle played Dallas who were a bunch of meanies. Didn’t like them one bit and I yelled enough to prove it.

Seattle won with one goal and someone lit a road flare! We were pretty sure some one was on fire-luckily it went out.

I love soccer! And yelling.

{The List}: Let’s Go Sailing

I’m super glad to finally have checked off and survived #132 Go Sailing! I had this obnoxious fear of sailing. Like totally irrational. But after completely white water rafting this Spring, I was brave enough to buy a sailing trip for two in Elliot Bay with Let’s Go Sailing. And convince two friends to do the same!

Sarah, Alex, me and Brad picked a random day to sail from the Seattle Waterfront and lucked out on perfect weather-sunny and not windy enough to tilt us over too far!

Once securely on board we poured our beverages (it’s a BYOB!) and dug into our snacks!

We headed out of the dock and soon after had the sails up!

Why was I scared of sailing? Oh yeah open water, drowning…

Falling OUT! Just kidding we just got a good angle to joke around.

We snacked away while chatting with some other people on the boat.

They let me sail the boat…hey gotta take advantage of trying everything!

I also tried out the bathroom. It was weird in the cabin-way more motion down there and the bathroom is slanted so I had one foot on the wall to hold myself up!

No one got sick or burned and the views were amazing!

We saw lots of sea lions and they were very talkative!

And look at the city! In a few months when it is cold and drizzly here I’ll think of this day out on the water with a tank top and the clear sky!

Do you have any irrational fears?


Animals Sn-animals

My buddy Alex purchased a deal for the Woodland Park Zoo and asked me to go with her. Normally I am so not into zoo’s and aquariums and all that but since she used to work at the zoo I figured it be like a private tour!

It was sunny out so we stopped at a place called Picnic to get some essentials for a picnic in the zoo!

Like this yummy ham and cheese on a PRETZEL bread roll. LOVE IT!

Or this tasty sandwich Alex is displaying with a really good Dry Rhubarb Soda!

Then is was animal time. And most of them were out and about so I got a bunch of great pictures!

I actually enjoyed the zoo even though it makes me sad to see the animals on display and locked up. I didn’t even feel the need to rush through and leave.

Does anyone else get bored with museums and such? I’m headed to DC in September and want to go to some museums but am I doomed to be bored??