Birthday Beachweekend

I am old. Old balls.

I spent a great weekend celebrating the start of my birthday month! Oh wait. You didn’t know? I celebrate my birthday for like an entire MONTH. I love birthdays. People should celebrate each other as much as possible.

I started the weekend by treating myself to losing $5 in the mega millions. One day. One day I will have #richpeopleproblems.

Since Brad had a bachelor party in Vegas, I had a beach weekend with a few girlfriends in Whidbey at Holly’s (I have known her basically my entire life! How cool.) and that was my sunset on the drive which the picture does NOT do justice.

My other AMAZING friend Kelly made cupcakes. WHOA. Not only does she know me too well, but these were hands down Ah-mazing. MO-Freakin-JITIO. With rum and mint and lime and SUGAR. And look how pretty they are!

Then I made a giant thing of limeade/vodka/corona DRANK. We had a fiesta.

Sarah made awesome Guac and homemade chips and Lauren died. Literally. Oh did you know I am a doctor and can diagnose bruised ribs? Well I diagnosed her and now you can call me Dr. K.

Then Lauren blew my mind and MADE me this framed Hunger Games shout out cross stitch. SWOON! I am promptly placing it on my desk at work since my co-workers and I talk about the Hunger Games basically daily. (I am now realizing I never did a post about the movie after my Things I Want post, but the only thing to say is if you haven’t seen it or read it don’t talk to me. Meh.)

Then Kelly who just blew my mind with the mojitio cupcakes gave me this! She knows I like to print or take recipes out of magazines and this is a changeable magnetic recipe holder with cupcake magnets! So cool! SHE MADE IT. My friends are too crafty.

Then I had the Sunday Fried Chicken dinner at Brave Horse Tavern with some buddies and then took Monday off because it was my ACTUAL birthday no one should work.

Brad and I spent the day at my favorite bakery, my favorite park and CANLIS. Yum. Oh and not done yet. Then the next day my co-workers and I had a Costco Hot Dog lunch- $1.64! A dog and a drink! Add a dollar and you can get a CHURRO! Love Costco.

It’s only week one of birthday month. What else can I pack in?! Thoughts?


{The List}: Canlis

Bucket List #102: Eat at Canlis

I’ve eaten at a LOT of Seattle restaurants, but I always have wanted to eat at one that seems to be talked about the most. Canlis. Known for their dress code, award winning food, valet parking secrets, view of Lake Union and it’s odd location right on the Aurora Bridge, it is the creme de la creme so to say.

I lucked out by finding out that Canlis was participating in Seattle Restaurant week, were local places serve a menu with 3 for $28! A great deal and a great way to try out some of the new or pricier establishments. Reservations were made and outfits were picked. The only thing missing from this outing was a corsage since it felt like prom!

Our good friends Kelly C. and Jer joined us. The men had stylish suits and ties and us gals dawned our fancy jewels and heels. Some of the items we dined on:

  • Canlis Salad- Romaine, Romano Cheese, bacon, mint, oregano, and a dressing of lemon, olive oil and coddled egg
  • Truffle Fries
  • Rhubarb soup
  • English Pea Soup -honshimeji mushrooms, crème frâiche and mint
  • Black Truffle Risotto -celery leaves, mascarpone and parmesan
  • Salmon -fennel, saffron and edamame
  • Crème Brûlée -market fruit and sorbet
  • Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake -strawberry compote and rhubarb sorbet
  • Chocolate Covered Chocolate -molten chocolate cake, cocoa nib shortbread and chocolate covered salted caramel ice cream
  • An assortment of hand crafted cocktails and a flight of wine

I was not as impressed with the food. Okay, wait. The food was great! But I was much more impressed with the service. They had so many people working, all in black, but finely tuned to were I didn’t even notice them float in to refill drinks or float out when clearing our plates. I think this place is great for celebrations although maybe a little too classy for a random date night-I mean common who are we kidding, we are talking about me here and I’m the let’s go get pizza kinda date-but I am tempted to go back and just go to the lounge for their great cocktails on a special date.

After our wonderful meal we decided we couldn’t end this Seattle night just at Canlis, but we decided to venture over to another landmark, the Zig Zag Cafe. The Kelly’s ordered Moscow Mules and Brad and Jer ordered strong bourbon/whiskey based drinks. “You are not going to like this” Brad said to me as I took a sip and my faced turned into a prune. He knows me too well. It was a perfect end to a Seattle baller status night.

What’s your favorite fancy landmark restaurant or place you are wanting to try?