{Things I Want}: Beauty Products I Love

I know I did a post about beauty products I want but let’s talk about the ones I have and recommend! I am obsessed with…Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow Palette so much I bought Naked 2!!! Some many great shades and great for day to night and traveling.

These bad boys are expensive but I got two small ones free from Sephora for my birthday gift for being a Beauty Insider! I have the Fresh Sugar Rose and really like how it tints and conditions your lips and has a great metal screw on lid (I also got one in my first birchbox!) I like the Fresh Brown Sugar too and am so excited to try the Plum and new Coral down the line too.

I love BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer! It is a clear smooth and silky primer I use every day before putting on my BareMinerals foundation. It isn’t oily and a little goes a long way!

My friend Amy told me about this scent called flowerbomb and I can’t get enough! It is perfect for spring and summer and not too over powering to wear to work or on a hot date!

I used to have to jumble through a makeup bag but now I use a bunch of different vintage glasses, tea cups and other cups to store my makeup brushes, eyeliner and misc items. Cute and practical!

and then there is my monthly Birchbox surprises! I love getting introduced to new beauty products and getting stuff in the mail! Check out my post about my first Birchbox here!

What are your must have beauty products that I should try too??



{Things I Want}: Or More Like Things I Love About MARCH!

Let’s begin right away…

1. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES GO ON SALE. Love them all but ideally in this order 1. Samoa’s 2. Tagalongs 3. Thin mints 4. Do Si Dos 5. all the others

I used to be in girl scouts and loved selling cookies, because besides taking peoples money they got the best gift on Earth! Oh by the way check out my recipes for homemade samoa’s!

2. March Madness

Okay. In college this was based mainly on the hot college guys playing ball, but now its also all about the BRACKET. I love to predict and play against friends and of course win. Who will be in the sweet 16??

3. It is a month until my birthday MONTH. Not day. Month!

4. On top of it being the countdown to my birth, there’s this great holiday devoted to my Irishness…A little thing called St. Paddy’s Day! Beer and potatoes?! Where can it go wrong? (oh yeah after about midnight…)

5. HUNGER GAMES MOVIE! I’ve already got serious plans and tickets.

6. I also have a massage scheduled, a Stella and Dot party to attend, a camp for kids I volunteer for kick-off, a book club party night, a good friend Anna in town, and a pop trivia night! BOO YAH HEY HEY! I LOVE MARCH!

What do you love about March that I am missing???

{Things I Want}: The Hunger Games

I know. I know. I sound like a preteen girl in love with a boy band, but can we all agree that the Hunger Games bandwagon is a wagon we all want to be on?!

If you are clueless to what I am talking about you live under a rock and must go read 1. The Hunger Games 2. Catching Fire and 3. Mockingjay all by Suzanne Collins and then like me start counting down the days until the movie is released in March.

Now to hold me and all you other nerdy nerds over until the movie…Right. Now.

1. Jewelry. Lots of jewelry.

2. Fun arrow inspired items

3. A Hunger Games bag to carry the books in…

4. By the way everyone is reading The Hunger Games…

5. Send your Valentine a Hunger Games inspired card

6. Recipes from the books?! WOAH! Don’t know if I can go that far, but maybe I’ll at least make cupcakes…

7. And when the time comes for the movie, you could wear some of this!

I’m sure my addicted nail polish self will buy one of these polishes…

May the odds be ever in your favor!!

Are you on the bandwagon with me?

{Things I Want}: If I had Time and Money

It’s been a while since I posted a things I want RIGHT NOW post and what better than to share things I want to do or have if I had the time or money! Right. Now.

1. With the forecast of snow I instantly want time to knit up a cozy cowl to keep me warm and cute!

2. If I had time I’d make this, if I had money I’d buy it and if I had space it’d already be in my room.

3. If I had time I’d be all over making my own cute headbands like this one! If I had money, I’d just buy it.4. I WILL find the time to make these. I have been eye flirting with this pattern for a long time.

5. If I had more time I would do more yoga and if I had more money I would buy this to wear. Every. Day.6. But do you know what I end up doing when I don’t have time or money? I go to Target and this is so true…What do you want right now if you had time or money??

PS can we reflect on the lack of color of the things I posted?? WAH?! Ha ha.

Unique: Things I Want Right Now…

Random things I’d buy if I had a bigger paycheck. Right Now.

1. Farmer’s Egg Crate because it is cute.

2. Since it’s April and my birthstone is a diamond…Let’s all go up to cloud nine and dream a little about these GEMS! And I mean hello beautiful sparkly gems!

I really love the classic look of the two on the left best.

I actually have some earrings like this that I love!

Champagne diamonds! Yum!

But Wait, There’s More

TV: I Can’t Get Enough of Right Now…

So I like my programs (as Brad calls them)…and these are a few I can’t stop watching. Right Now.

PS I don’t spend all my time in front of the tube, but I spend time catching up on shows via the internet or on Demand and prefer that over movies typically.

1. Parenthood

If you haven’t watched this show catch up (it’s on season 2 now). I don’t know why, but I love this show. It reminds me of Brothers and Sisters and I love the storyline with the kid Max who has Asperger’s and how the family is handling it.

2. The Killing

This show just aired on AMC and is only a few episodes in! I wanted to watch because it’s a crime show and because it is a who dun it based in Seattle (although filmed in Vancouver and the rain scenes are totally not right). I’m hooked just like the Summer Sarah and I were hooked to Harper’s Island-another crime one based in Seattle-GREAT but more of a scary someone gets killed every episode.

3. Brothers and Sisters

If you aren’t watching this show, what is wrong with you? Just kidding, but seriously this is one I’ve stuck with watching for many seasons now. I can’t get enough of the Walker family and their DRAMA. Plus I wish I had a wine company and a large house with lots of money. Minus everyone in everyone’s business.

4. Californication (on DVD)

Hilarious, short, and inappropriate. After the first episode I was like ‘HUH?’ and now I’m like ‘HA!’

5. United States of Tara (on DVD)

Love me some John Corbett! And this show too is hilarious and inappropriate.

6. Dexter (on DVD)

Brad and I are all caught up on this one! Love this show! (I’m a crime show addict-I watch all the CSI’s, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order SVU reruns)

7. Mad Men (on DVD)

Just started watching this one and at first wasn’t sure I would like it, but I stuck with it since I like the time period and am now starting season 2. SO GOOD! Minus the part how women were treated then and I always get mad.

8. Blue Bloods

This show just started this year and my Dad had said he really liked it. So I caught up on it and now really like it. I mean what’s not to like?! Tom Selleck and his mustache, Donnie Wahlberg, and many more!

What are YOU watching that I should add to my programs?? Right Now.

Home: Things I Want Right Now…

…If I had a larger paycheck.

I’m kinda on a roll with these things I want…I’ve got one on books coming up this weekend too!

I’m in love with home decor. Too bad I don’t have a house-instead I have an apartment home-a great ‘starter’ home. So even though I don’t have a house, I still want things for my home. Right Now.

1. I have a teeny tiny desk, but I would love to have a whole room dedicated to a functional office/creative space. I love these two desk options…

I love the book shelf combo and the driftwood color of this desk at World Market. I dislike the extra cell phone caddy thing on top and the chair would HAVE to go.

I’ve always loved the leaning book shelves and love this whole combo together. I guess I want book shelves and a desk! This one actually comes in a grey wash color now-I’d like to see it in person as that intrigues me as the one I’d probably want at Crate and Barrel.

2. Vintage jars in any color, size, and shape. I love the look of these…

3. A bright and cheerful table cloth for my dining room. I like the colors in this one from World Market.

But Wait, There’s More