The List

My constantly changing (bucket, kickin’ the can, to do before I die) list.

In no organized or thought out manner:

  1. Travel to Australia
  2. Sleep in a hammock
  3. Write a book
  4. Crush wine grapes with my feet
  5. Zipline through the jungle
  6. Go to an NFL game
  7. Do a corn maze
  8. Start a blog
  9. Bar tend
  10. Cook a turkey
  11. Play black jack at a casino
  12. Go to Old Vegas
  13. Family genealogy
  14. Scan old photos to digital
  15. Pay it Forward for a stranger
  16. Travel to Maine
  17. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  18. Take a wine 101 class
  19. Get a full body exfoliation at the spa
  20. Say yes to something
  21. Attend a talk show
  22. Name a star
  23. Volunteer
  24. Have high tea
  25. Pay off my student loans
  26. Get a new car
  27. Get a dog
  28. Raise a family
  29. Name my first child the secret name I won’t tell anyone ‘cuz they’ll steal it
  30. Pass on my family heirloom-story to follow
  31. Milk a cow
  32. Take up Yoga
  33. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  34. Find something on the beach with a metal detector
  35. Go clam digging
  36. Attend Mardi Gras-again, but stay on Bourbon St.
  37. Get on the bone marrow donor registry
  38. Get swoopy bangs
  39. Get my armpits waxed
  40. Dance with someone in the rain
  41. Take a photo in the mirror-like the emo Myspace ones
  42. Get a photo with a celebrity
  43. Go camping
  44. Travel to Montana
  45. Eat Thai food in Thailand
  46. Meet a president
  47. Paint a large painting or series
  48. Learn to juggle
  49. Drink beer from a das boot
  50. Learn to play the harmonica
  51. Listen to dad’s audio stories of the Vietnam war
  52. Read 3 classic books
  53. Sleep in a tree house
  54. Drive across the United States
  55. See the Northern Lights
  56. Sell an item of jewelry I’ve made
  57. See fireflies
  58. Witness a child being born
  59. Save a life
  60. Stand underneath a waterfall
  61. Sleep under the stars
  62. Ride an elephant
  63. Sell a painting
  64. Go bird hunting
  65. Get my Masters
  66. Take my dad on a vacation
  67. Own a house
  68. Make a large donation to the ALS Association
  69. Watch the sunrise
  70. Try on a snuggie
  71. Have a garden
  72. See a movie by myself
  73. Try a new type of food
  74. Learn origami
  75. Play Settler’s of Catan with 4+ people and win!
  76. Find an amazing treasure at a garage sale
  77. Travel to Greece
  78. Travel to Ireland
  79. Jump off the diving board at Madison Park
  80. Make dinner for someone special
  81. Go to Teatro Zin Zanni
  82. Shot gun a beer
  83. Get my nose pierced
  84. Learn to play the guitar
  85. Learn to crochet
  86. Listen to an audio book
  87. Make the front page of the newspaper
  88. Try eating craw fish
  89. Eat at the top of the Space Needle
  90. Try acupuncture
  91. Buy a fierce pair of heels
  92. Throw an Oscars party
  93. Go to a bar trivia night
  94. Helicopter ride
  95. Hike Mount Si…again
  96. Drive a 1980’s Camero during my midlife crisis
  97. Go to a Bingo night
  98. Celebrate my 30th Birthday in New Orleans for Mardi Gras
  99. Go to Moraine Lake
  100. Ghost Ride the Whip
  101. Start a Book Club
  102. Eat at Canlis
  103. Go to Medieval Times
  104. Learn a magic trick
  105. Learn to whistle loudly
  106. Visit the Hollywood sign
  107. Win something
  108. Have a sleepover
  109. Meet my Legislators
  110. Sing karaoke
  111. Learn to drive a manual
  112. See a legend in concert
  113. Go to a renaissance fair
  114. Hold a scary creature-i.e. Snake, spider, etc.
  115. Jury Duty
  116. Catch a fish and cook it
  117. Go on a road trip
  118. Start a business
  119. Have 1 to 15 minutes of fame
  120. Visit Heidi in Rwanda
  121. White Water Rafting-Even though I’m sure I’ll die, Thanks AY!
  122. Ride an elephant repeated on list Make something by glass blowing
  123. Reupholster a piece of furniture
  124. Donate my hair
  125. Make a T-shirt memory quilt
  126. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  127. Go to a Greek Wedding
  128. Be a part of a Flash Mob
  129. Be an extra in a movie
  130. Fly in a Private Plane
  131. Get a reflexology foot massage
  132. Go Sailing
  133. Drive a Popsicle truck or the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
  134. Drive a Zamboni
  135. Finish a 5k race-I hate running
  136. Do a Paint by Number-a cool one
  137. Break a bone
  138. Sled down Queen Anne Hill